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Turkey weights Afghan peace offer to Taliban

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Afghan Chief Executive Officer and Turkish Prime Minister appeared Sunday at a press conference in the Sapidar palace in Kabul, in which Turkish premier putted weight behind recent unprecedented Afghan peace offer to the Taliban—terming it a great opportunity for the group to join peace process.

“We have discussed over political, security, business mutual relation,” said chief executive Abdullah Abdullah. He stated that we have also discussed over first vice president issue and I believe that all Afghans must live in unity and there is some matter which needs to be worked over.

The Afghan Turk issue also discussed and the teacher who came from Turkey will take responsibility of the schools in cooperation with the ministry of education.

Afghan refugee problem also discussed with Turkey prime minister and those illegal refugees, who were captured in Turkey border their returning will be in progress voluntarily, he added.

CEO said that Turkey has helped Afghanistan enough in the fields of security, construction and economic in the past 17 years.

Turkey Prime Minister, Binali Yıldırım, while announcing support from comprehensive peace proposal offered by NUG to Taliban, said that Turkey support Afghan peace process.

He called on Taliban to use the opportunity joint peace process and live together.

Pointing to Pakistan Prime Minister visit from Kabul, he said that we support peace process between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Hinting to illegal immigration, he said that last year 150,000 illegal immigration issues registered in Turkey.

He said that illegal immigration will have terrorism threats, where Ministries of Foreign Affairs of both countries working to solve the issue.

He said that our joint point with Afghanistan is fighting against terrorism and today Turkey same as Afghanistan fighting against terrorism.

He said that Turkey will continue cooperation with the Afghan government in fields of security, economic and construction.

Addressing the issue of Afghan Turk Schools, he said that we struggle to expand relation of Afghan Turk schools and changed it real as representative of Turkey.

At the end the Turkey Prime Minister invited CEO to visit his country.

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