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Turkey’s Elections: The beginning of a new, historical era

By Harun Yahya-Turkey has lived an election day that was called historical by many on June 24. Close to 60 million people went to the voting booths to choose their new President and the Parliament. According to international observers and ruling and opposition parties, it was a fair and orderly election. As anticipated, President Erdogan won the elections and made his famous balcony speech at 3.00 am. He addressed his tens of thousands of supporters, who didn’t leave despite the lateness of the night, and said that democracy won and promised to be the president of 81 million people, referring to those who didn’t vote for him. This is the 13th election victory of Erdogan. After becoming the mayor of Istanbul in 1994 with 1,5 million, Erdogan became the first executive president of the Republic of Turkey with 26 million votes 24 years later.

Erdogan’s dissidents joined forces before the elections and opposition parties formed an alliance named Millet (Nation) Alliance. Subsequently, a great propaganda war against him started both on social and printed media. Today, some polling companies admitted that they saw Erdogan would win but they published fake polling results making it look like Ince would win. The anti-Erdogan alliance enjoyed great foreign support as well. The Guardian and the Economist, representing two wings of the British media, urged people not to vote for Erdogan. Famous neocon Michael Rubin and liberal newspaper the New York Times joined forces against Erdogan. Both rightist and leftist politicians in European countries like Holland, Germany, Belgium, Austria where there is a significant Turkish population, made anti-Erdogan speeches. There was another more sinister, and secretive economic attack during the campaign period.  The Turkish Lira saw an unexpected fall against the US dollar and although the Turkish economy grew at 7% in the first 3 months of 2018, these manipulations created an atmosphere of unease. However, all those efforts failed to prevent people from rushing to the side of Erdogan.

The biggest support for Erdogan came from the Nationalist Movement Party and its leader Mr. Devlet Bahçeli. The two leaders made their collaboration official under the name Cumhur (Public) Alliance and made sure that Mr. Erdogan won the elections with the highest vote ever achieved in Turkish political history. The Turkish people saw the constant attacks of certain foreign circles against the country and believed that only an Erdogan-Bahceli alliance could be successful in this quest for survival. This outlook determined the outcome of the elections and once again showed the trust and respect the Turks felt for President Erdogan.

Everyone agrees on one thing about these election results: The Turkish people and Recep Tayyip Erdogan have built an unbreakable bond and this bond keeps getting stronger every day. Muslims all around the Islamic world have similar feelings. Videos of Muslims from all around the world cheering and celebrating the victory of Tayyip Erdogan quickly went viral on social media. From Bosnia to Sudan, Palestine to Syria, many people in Muslim countries rejoiced in his victory on television. Many Muslims consider Tayyip Erdogan as a sort of spiritual leader for the Islamic world for his embracing attitude towards the Islamic world and his protective policies with regards to downtrodden Muslims.

Some Western circles always choose to look at Turkey from the same biased perspective and therefore have trouble understanding the country. They cannot comprehend the political setting, or the national sentiments that are significant for the Turkish people and thus make faulty comments. Those who have sinister plans for Turkey are, no doubt, unhappy with these results. The name Tayyip Erdogan is like a reminder that a Turkey that is dependent on the West, that is politically, economically and socially exploited, will never be possible. Particularly, Turkey’s alliances with Russia, Iran and China prevents the former from being a pawn that does as it is told. As Turkey becomes a country that has no tolerance for interference, their efforts against the powerful leadership and Mr. Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey will most certainly continue – and likely intensify.

Many political analysts think that the July 24 elections will bring about significant changes both in Turkey and the world; before the elections, Erdogan promised to reconstruct the state and it seems that in the immediate future, Turkey will begin a fast period of growth in tandem with the new presidential system. The Turkish-Russian alliance, the Kanal Istanbul project, the Akkuyu nuclear power plant and military purchases like the S-400 will reinforce this friendship. The Russia-Iran-Turkey league will continue to make important steps towards achieving peace in the Middle East. The Manbij roadmap that Turkey and the USA have reached an agreement on will continue as planned and the PYD/YPG/PKK as well as ISIS will continue to weaken in the region. The fight against the PKK will speed up in Northern Iraq, especially in and around Qandil. In short, important developments will take place in the next couple of months.

Two years ago, Tayyip Erdogan laid out a roadmap for development in Turkey, Middle East and the Caucuses, particularly drawing attention to years 2023, 2050 and 2071. This vision will make Turkey an important center of attraction. A strong Turkey, especially with Iranian and Russian support, and Erdogan’s strong leadership, will bring prosperity and stability to the region. In order to achieve this, the bonds of alliances should be further reinforced through bonds of friendship. It is imperative to show that the friendship of President Putin and President Erdogan overcomes all obstacles. This new era will be a time of growing friendship, alliances and bonds despite the efforts of coup plotters, traitors and their attempts at ambushes.

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