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Turks call Loya Jirga as political solution

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Tribal elders and political leaders of Afghanistan’s Turk ethnicity say they would not support the National Unity Government anymore, calling on the government to convene Traditional Loya Jirga to solve the current political problems.

Former minister of mines and the leader of Turk ethnicity Wahidullah Shahrani said in a gathering Wednesday that the term of the unity government had ended, adding that the leaders of the government failed to implement promises to the people.

He said that “the time should not be wasted anymore and the government should not be continued illegally anymore.”

Criticizing government failures of the government, he said that “the government must convene traditional Loya Jirga in order to overcome current crisis.”

Government leaders had committed to bring reform in electoral bodies, eliminate corruption and specify fate of Executive Office within two years, but government failed to fulfill all the commitments in the past two years.

He stated that insecurity has been increased every hook, investment decreased, poverty increased in the past two years.

“As it is clear government cannot run premature election as well as constitution Jirga, thus only the remedy is convening traditional Loya Jirga to address current challenges,” he claimed.

If government does not convene traditional Loya Jirga, the country will face further security, economic and political challenges, Shahrani said.

He elaborated that in the past decade economic progressed well, security forces had better control nationwide as well as thousand foreigners have been working inside the country.

Unfortunately after establishment of government, investment decreased, insecurity, jobless and poverty increased in the country, he noted.

He highlighted that thousands of people sold their houses and acidities and left the country to abroad due to complicated situation.

People lost trust to the government and their satisfaction about the government operation reached at low level, therefore tribal elders and political figures must came to gather to seek a solution way for current crises, he insisted.

Beside other challenges both team not argued over different internal issues and still they are blaming each other for shortages and weakness.

He said that running of traditional Loya Jirga is not a step to collapse current regime, but it could be a solution way for bunch of problems in the country, he underlined.

Afghanistan Turks call on government for running of traditional Loya Jirga, while recently number of tribal elders has same request from the government to cope with current issues in the country.

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