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Turning back plane carrying Pak Speaker, lawmakers generate stock of questions

By Shamim Shahid

Whatever might be reasons behind didn’t allowing PIA plane, carrying a nine-member Pakistan parliamentary delegation at Kabul airport on security grounds, have at somehow generated too many questions. Even it would also pose bad impacts on already polluted relations between the two neighboring countries. The plane returned to Islamabad within minutes soon after its take off, and the Pakistani speaker secretariat shared news about “didn’t allowing plane landing at Hamid Karzai International Airport by Afghan government on security grounds.” Later a private Afghan television quoting airport security incharge, saying, they came to know about dumping of explosive materials in a building adjacent to airport. So far no any further details shared by any side.

The Pakistani MP’s delegation headed by Speaker National Assembly, Asad Qaisar was scheduled to visit Afghanistan on the invitation of Speaker of Wolesi Jirga, Meer Rahman Rahmani. Besides others the delegates had to meet President Dr. Ashraf Ghani and other high ranking officials in Kabul. Soon after return of delegation, Asad Qaisar has received telephonic calls from his counterpart Meer Rahman Rahmani and also from Masharano Jirga (Senate) Chairman Abdul Hadi Muslimyar. Both of them have made regrets and told Asad Qaisar that security of Pakistani MP’s is above of all other matters. The two sides agreed of rescheduling the visit in near future.

No doubt whatever might justifications and point of view of both sides but return of Pakistani delegation without landing at Kabul, generated stock of questions. A day prior to this episode, third crossing point between the two neighboring countries opened for Afghan Transit Trade. And Pakistani Speaker Asad Qaisar has also made positive remarks before embarking on plane for Kabul. Almost socio-politico-tribal circles from both sides are desirous for cordial, friendly and brotherly relations between the two neighboring countries. But unfortunately certain elements from both the sides are thinking on other lines.

No one can neglect the fact that compare to Pakistan, Afghanistan deserves much more help and assistance as almost of its sectors have been badly affected due to prolong imposed wars, external hostilities and meddling in its internal affairs from abroad. Some of foreign countries and mysterious forces are in a bid to exploit Afghanistan compulsions for its own nefarious designs. And for the purpose through one or the other, extremism and terrorism in certain particular parts and parcels of Afghanistan is being sponsored, fuelled and promoted. Pakistan is immediate neighbor of Afghanistan.

Whatever was the purpose of war against former USSR from the soil of Afghanistan but during that period, Pakistan had accepted millions of refugees. Still over two millions Afghan nationals are scattered throughout Pakistan. Despite such huge contribution, Pakistan’s image in Afghanistan is at stake. And responsibilities rest with no other than Pakistani authorities to think about it.

Likewise, on the Afghanistan issues, the neighboring Pakistan is also ahead with “image and reputation” problems in rest of the world. Despite Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s instructions, hardships in bilateral trade and travelling through Torkham, Chaman and other crossing points multiplying with each passing day. Even diehard, talented and experienced diplomat’s proposals for easing visa and travelling sanctions is yet to be considered. Thousands even lakhs of people from both sides are either linked up in relations or friendships with each others, are now depending in each others. They want smooths visits and meetings. Instead of making and fueling issues, it is the time for high ups from both sides to address wishes of common people who are desirous for peace, progress and prosperity in the region which is possible through trust-worthy relations between Islamabad and Kabul.         

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