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Twin blasts kill 14 in Bamyan amid ceasefire efforts

Two explosions rocked central Bamyan city, formally regarded as one of the safest provinces, injuring nearly 50 others

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KABUL: Double explosions in the heart of Bamyan city, the provincial capital of the same name, claimed 14 lives and injured nearly 50 others, provincial officials confirmed. The blast happened on Tuesday evening, the first large-scale blasts in one of the safest provinces in the country in the past 19 years.

Spokesman for the ministry of interior, Tariq Aryan confirmed the incident, saying a traffic officer and 13 people were killed in the blasts. “Some explosives were blown up in front of the Insaf market located nearby Sarak-e-Naw areas in the city,” he added.

There is a lot of damage and the casualty number feared to rise.

Provincial Governor Spokesman, Latif Azimi said more than 45 people were wounded in the blast. “One of the explosive materials was placed under the chair of a boot polisher.”  

Bamyan is the most secure province in Afghanistan. The province is also famous for the historic status of Buddha that attracts thousands of terrorism annually.

No militant group, including the Taliban and IS-K or so called Daesh, asserted responsibility for the attack as of now. Both, the Taliban and Daesh had previously asserted responsibility for such incidents that claimed the lives of tens of people by far.

The blasts in Bamyan occurred, while the Afghan government co-hosted an international summit in cooperation with Finland government, in Geneva to seek the international community’s financial support to Afghanistan. Reiterating support to the Afghan government, the representatives of the world’s countries called on the Afghan war parties to agree on a ceasefire.

Following the Geneva conference which was held from 23rd to 24th of November, the Organization of Islamic Organization in a statement urged the Afghan war sides to seize “historic opportunity” to pursue dialogues for reconciliation and lay out a durable peace in Afghanistan.

The remarks come amid peace negotiations between the Taliban and government in Qatari capital, Doha-which has just seen progress.

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