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Two Parwan districts fall to Taliban

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KABUL: Taliban insurgents took control of two districts in Parwan province, provincial officials confirmed Saturday, where the militants had captured another two districts some two weeks ago.

The districts of Sorkh Parsa and Sheikh Ali at the west part of Ghorband valley fell to the insurgents early Saturday, with reports saying that government forces had a bit resistance in the Sheikh Ali district before the attackers overran to make them retreat, while in the adjacent Sorkh Parsa district, government forces fled before the militants arrived in the area.

Taliban also said their fighters managed to take control of these districts on Saturday.

Reza Nazari, governor for the Sheikh Ali district, said that the attackers took control of the district after a severe resistance by the government forces.

In the neighboring district of Sorkh Parsa, a resident of the Sorkh valley said on condition of anonymity that there were 15 police officers in the district who fled it before the arrival of Taliban fighters.

He said that a warlord group looted the district office before Taliban arrive.

Now, Taliban have three out of four districts in the Ghorband valley in control. They had earlier captured the districts of Shinwari and Seyah Gerd but government forces took the Shinwari district back.

The insurgent group claims of having control on 85 per cent of the country, an allegation rejected by the ministry of interior.

Maulavi Shahabuddin Delawar, a senior Taliban official told reporters in Moscow during a visit to Russia that their fighters have taken control of more than 200 of 380 districts in 34 provinces. However, Delawar said they would not plan to attack provincial capitals and other big cities.

His statement comes just a few days after their fighters launched attacks on the centers of Badghis, Ghazni, Kandahar and Badakhshan provinces.

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