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U.S. and afghan leaders are equally blamed for failure in Afghanistan, Ex U.S. ambassador

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Kabul: In an interview with Afghanistan International, Ronald Newman the former US ambassador to Afghanistan said that U.S. and afghan leaders are equally blamed for failure in Afghanistan.

He said that Americans were not fighting in the last two years and no one had a firm belief to fight and risk their lives.”

However, he added, “Of course, the Afghan security forces have been fighting for years and have been fighting alone for the last two year.

According to him, the responsibility for the failure in Afghanistan is equal between the American and Afghan leaders.

The former US ambassador told Afghanistan International that he is worried about Afghanistan’s future.

He says that the Taliban are repeating the mistakes of the past, the mistakes that the Taliban first came to power, they are making now.

This diplomat added that the Taliban at that time thought they had all the power and did not give a share to others.

According to this former American diplomat, if the Taliban do not pay attention to the people’s wishes, the situation will be repeated, especially since in the last twenty years, a large number of Afghan people have come to believe that women should have equal rights, and the media should be free. And all people take part in government.

In this interview, he expressed hope that the public shall not disappoint and work for a better future for Afghanistan.

Stating that he should be aware of the political realities, he clarified that America was in Afghanistan for 20 years and did not get any results from the actions that could change the situation.

However, Ronald Newman says that terrorist threats are another matter, and if the dangers from Afghanistan increase, the United States may act to suppress terrorists.

He added that the Taliban will not be recognized soon, because their policies, such as the education of girls, have made the situation very difficult.

Taliban Foreign Minister, claimed at a meeting in Kandahar, that the Taliban represented Afghanistan well in the absence of international legitimacy.

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