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U.S. Defense Secretary meets Pakistan’s army chief


Kabul: According to Pakistani media, Pakistani Army Chief of Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa discussed the challenges in Afghanistan in a meeting with the US Secretary of Defense.

The Express Tribune newspaper of Pakistan has written that both sides have emphasized on joint cooperation to prevent humanitarian crisis and develop peace and stability in the region, especially Afghanistan.

The report said that Gen Bajwa is likely to meet National Intelligence Director, and CIA Director William J Burns, though the official itinerary has not been released.

Tariq Farhadi, an expert on political issues, said that: “Bajwa’s trip to Washington is very important to Afghanistan because it shows that America and Pakistan are working side by side in Afghanistan issues and Afghanistan itself has become weaker in this triangle”.

According to experts, this issue shows that America and Pakistan have a common opinion on using Pakistan’s airspace to extend their intelligence and operational activities in Afghanistan.

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