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U.S. Likely to Extend Troop Presence in Afghanistan

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KABUL: As the Afghan peace process faces ambiguity, there is a possibility that the U.S. would extend the remaining of service members in Afghanistan.

The Biden administration is still considering whether to withdraw the American soldiers by May 1, agreed on a peace deal signed between the U.S. and Taliban on February 29th 2020.

Political Analysts said that the U.S. may consider extension of troops remaining in Afghanistan to pave the ground for implementation of its proposal to find a political end to the Afghan war.

Laurel Miller, who served as a senior official for Afghanistan in the Obama and Trump administrations believes that it would be almost impossible to pull out American troops and leave the NATO forces during the remaining 60 days, without providing a tightening security in Afghanistan. She believes that early troops withdrawal would jeopardize U.S. plans for reaching a final agreement, an agreement that lays out American forces withdrawal from Afghanistan and guarantees that Afghanistan would not turn into a safe haven for the terrorists.   

According to her, the Taliban are also expecting the extension of U.S. troops and that the group may agree on a scheduled-revise withdrawal.   

The U.S. President Joe Biden announced earlier that his administration was committed to ending the war in Afghanistan and pulling American soldiers out of the country. The Afghan war is considered the longest of the U.S. The U.S and allies entered Afghanistan in 2001; following the 9/11 attacks conducted by the al-Qaeda terrorist network, killing 2,977 people and wounding more than 2,500 others.

The Afghan war also cost billions of dollars for the U.S. with suffering over 2,000 soldiers’ fatalities. As there are high security threats for the U.S. and allies after troops withdrawal, Biden is expected to mull over the timeline of the American soldiers pulled out from Afghanistan.

According to reports, Biden’s advisors have warned him of facing dangerous consequences after an irresponsible withdrawal. In the meantime, the Taliban are getting stronger overtime with over running many areas in rural parts of the country.

Earlier, the U.S. Secretary of Defense, Lloyd J. Austin said that Washington didn’t intend a hasty troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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