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‘U.S. Russia Agree on Transitional Administration in Afghanistan’

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KABUL: The leader of the Hezb-e-Kngra-e-Mili says that the United States and Russia agreed on formation of transitional government in Afghanistan.

Talking to a press conference on Tuesday, Abdul Latif Pedram announced his support to the transitional government that is offered by the U.S. to find a political end to the Afghan war.

He said that the Moscow meeting set to be held on March 18 would focus on formation of transitional government. “Someone who is not a Taliban member nor from Ghani’s administration will lead the transitional government,” he added. “The current government’s formation isn’t worth defending and to remove Ghani from power, I agree with Gulbudding Hekmatyar, the leader of Hezb-e-Islami and Mauwllavi Ansar, Imam of Guzargah mosque of Herat.”

He once again stressed on the formation of a federal system in the country, saying that the Federal Government was the only system that could secure equal rights among the citizens.

Moscow is to host a senior-meeting on the Afghan peace process ahead of the Istanbul meeting. The meeting would be attended by the government delegation, some top Afghan politicians and the Taliban representatives.

Talking about the inclusions of 52 tribes in the Electronic Identity Card, Pedram said that the National Statics and Information Authority and the ministry of border and tribal affairs titled the geographical areas with a tribal name.

It is worth mentioning the inclusion of 52 tribes in the Electronic Identity Cards faced widespread criticism by the Afghan politicians and called in contrast with the nation’s interest.

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