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“U.S.-Russia counter-terrorism cooperation, an expedient stride”

AT-KABUL: Afghanistan welcomes the US proposal over a joint campaign with Russia in fight against terrorism, presidential office said Sunday, calling the alliance of both powers in favor of a robust war on terror.

John Nicholson, general commander of the US and NATO troops in Afghanistan had earlier said that the US and Russia could jointly carry out fight against terrorism.

Shah Hossain Mortazawi, a spokesman for president Ghani, emphasized that terrorism was an enemy for all, saying that fight against this phenomenon needs joint efforts.

He said that only relationships between the governments could remove or at least decrease the threat of terrorism.

“Any contacts with the terrorist groups will not only help security, but could also increase threats. We expect the countries in government to government relationships behave responsibly,” Mortazawi said.

Nicholson was quoted by the Newsweek as saying that Washington and Moscow should put their differences apart and work together in the Afghan war on terror.

US officials had earlier accused Russia of supporting Taliban in Afghanistan, an allegation rejected by Moscow.

Sher Mohammad Karimi, former army chief of staff said that US-Russia cooperation in fighting terrorism in Afghanistan would be important and useful.

“If we get friendship with Russia, the US becomes unhappy and when we hold relations with the US, Russia is angry. So, this is in our benefit to have relations with both and if these two countries really want to work together in Afghanistan affairs, this is good news,” Karimi said.

Russia is worried about what it says the extension of Daesh terrorist group in Afghanistan, with its foreign ministry saying that northern Afghanistan was turning to the center of a new terrorism.

Karimi said that Russia would not work with the US until its concerns are solved.

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