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U.S. Says No Decision Yet to Recognize Islamic Emirate

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KABUL: The Special envoy for Afghanistan, Thomas West, said that there is no decision as of now about the recognition of the Islamic Emirate by Washington.US Special Representative for Afghanistan, Thomas West, in a special interview with TOLOnews, said that no decision has been made regarding the recognition of the Islamic Emirate by the United States.

The US sought to see a representative government formed in Afghanistan and the commitments made to the international community upheld, he added.

“We haven’t made a decision on recognition. I think a lot of countries haven’t. We want to see the establishment of a responsible record of conduct when it comes to the treatment of Afghans. We want to see this practice of the detaining of women–and in particular detaining of women protesters–we want to see that end resolutely. And those are ongoing areas of conversation,” he said.

West said the US is concerned about the possible increase in Daesh and Al-Qaida activity in Afghanistan and stressed that Daesh is the shared enemy of Kabul and Washington, and the US wants the Islamic Emirate to succeed in suppressing Daesh.

“We definitely have concerns about the nature of the Taliban’s campaign against ISIS, but we want to see that succeed. We don’t want to see any ISIS-K in Afghanistan. We will see when the weather, I think, continues to warm up. But we don’t want to see any of those attacks,” he added.

The Islamic Emirate has repeatedly denied the presence of any terrorist group in Afghanistan and assured that there will be no threat to any world country from Afghan soil.

“In the Doha Agreement we made that promise and we are upholding our commitment,” Hanafi said.

West also raised concerns about the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan and said the war in Ukraine is likely to divert the world’s attention from Afghanistan.

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