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U.S. to send troops to Kazakhstan after Afghan withdrawal

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KABUL: The United States plans to transfer soldiers to Kazakhstan after exiting from Afghanistan in September to keep a potential for protecting their national security, the US representative for Afghan reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad says.

Kazakhstan government has also confirmed that Washington has demanded them to allow their soldiers in the largest Central Asian state.

Khalilzad had said earlier this month that his country would consider Central Asia as a potential for preserving their national security after the Afghan withdrawal.

“The United States has demanded via channels in the ministry of defense for negotiations over stationing of their troops in Kazakhstan after their withdrawal from Afghanistan,” said a Kazakh official.

The Wall Street Journal had earlier reported that Washington could deploy troops in Central Asia after it exits from Afghanistan, but according to the newspaper, no agreement was achieved.

The United States is to complete its troops withdrawal process from Afghanistan by September 11, after 20 years presence under the title of war on terror. The withdrawal was agreed in a peace deal with the Taliban made in February 2020.

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