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U.S. under criticism as political crisis brews in Afghanistan

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KABUL: Some political experts accuse the United States of not doing well to resolve basic political problems in Afghanistan sparked after President Ghani was officially declared as election winner and his contender Abdullah rejected the election commission’s decision.

Abdullah’s office, but says they are continuing jobs under the “inclusive” government until a political settlement is reached.

Some members of parliament also accused the United States of being the major element of the current political crisis in Afghanistan. They said if the US really wanted to resolve the problems, Afghans would not have been in trouble now.

A source close to Abdullah, told the Kabul News broadcaster on Tuesday that Abdullah was unhappy with what the US envoy Zalmay Khalilzad did in Afghanistan.

According to the source, Abdullah was worried of the US less effort in resolving Afghan problems.

Abdullah’s Spokesman Omid Maisam said that Khalilzad’s efforts continued for a political broker, but urged that Abdullah’s parallel government would go on jobs until a settlement was gained.

Meanwhile, members of parliament’s lower house asked Abdullah to put an end to his differences with the president.

Members of upper house of parliament also called on President Ghani and his electoral rival Abdullah to put aside their differences and work together for national interests, arguing that continued differences would affect the ongoing peace process.

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