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UK can use its leverage on Pakistan to galvanize Afghan peace

AT-KABUL: Members of senate said that Britain could play vital role in the Afghan peace process through its influence on Pakistan, a statement followed British foreign minister’s visit to Kabul that took place on Monday.

Mohammad Asef Seddiqi, deputy head of senate said Tuesday that London had an old relationship with Islamabad and is able to force Pakistan help the peace program in Afghanistan.

He added that Britain enjoys friendly relations with the United States and Arabic countries as well and can persuade them to help the peace process in Afghanistan.

“Britain can increase political pressures on Pakistan, suspend its diplomatic relations with Islamabad and cut financial aids to this country. Britain can also encourage the United States and force Arabic countries to decrease their cooperation with Pakistan and cut their diplomatic relations. These are the moves that can pressure more Paksitan,” said Seddiqi.

British Foreign Minister, Boris Johnson in an unannounced visit to Kabul, met Monday with the leaders of the national unity government. He expressed London’s support to the ceasefire declared by the government of Afghanistan with the Taliban militants, calling on the countries involved in the Afghan affairs especially the neighbors to constructively use their influence in this sensitive situation in Afghanistan.

Johnson also assured of London’s continuing financial and military assistance to Afghanistan.

“This is clear to all that Britain has enough influence on Pakistan and can play role in ending the war in Afghanistan if it wants. It can make Pakistan to help the peace process in Afghanistan through a series of guarantees,” said Khoshhal Khalil, a political expert.

Efforts for peace have recently increased, this time ordinary people are also beside the government.

Taliban militants have not yet responded to the government’s dialogue demands, but Kabul works to bring the insurgents to the talks table with the help of Pakistan.

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