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Ulema call on warring parties to stop fighting during Ramadan

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Afghan Ulema (religious scholars) called for an immediate halt to the fighting by all warring parties during the holy month of Ramadan and urged them for holding real and honest dialogues.

Dawat Islamic Association of Afghanistan Ulema (DIAAU) organized a gathering here in Kabul to discuss religious scholars’ role in peace and stability in Afghanistan. The one-day long conference was attended both by Sunni and Shiite Ulema.

Urging the parties to the war for ceasefire during Ramadan, Chief of DIAAU, Sayed Abdul Hadi Hedayat, said that the militant groups and the government should engage in result-oriented reconciliation process in order to overcome the existing challenges.

He said that no party could achieve targets through war, killings, extremism and terror activities.

“Therefore, the parties shall follow teachings of Islam and the methods of dialogues showed by the religion to reconcile successfully. Closed door discussion under the influence of some stranger will not lead to prosperity of the country. Demands and wishes of public shall also be kept in view during the peace talks,” he said.

He further said that peace and stability was not only the need of Afghanistan, but was also necessary for a stable world.

“Muslims shall be ahead than others when it comes to peace process. While following the true religion of Islam, they shall give the peace to others too,” Hedayat added.

He said that Afghan as a nation suffered much from civil wars and conflicts in the past decades, which damaged all Islamic, economical and cultural values in the country.

The religious scholar further added that efforts have been hold for peace, but barriers in front of the peace process were never removed by any party. “To have a real Islamic and stable society, the parties to the conflict must take public demands into account,” he stressed.

Maulvi Mohseni, a religious scholar, said that different countries with expansionist agenda are turning the Muslim countries into colonies and responsible for the violence and conflicts in the region.

“When we look around we see that most of the Islamic countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Egypt, Iraq, Syria and Libya are burning in the flames of terrorism. Those who fuel the fire are the same actors,” he said.

He said that every religious scholar should discuss the contemporary challenges and try best to promote durable peace in the country while telling people about the teachings of Islam in this regard.

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