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Ulema condemn Kabul massacre, calling it ‘haram’

AT-KABUL: Afghan Ulema (religious scholars) Council on Tuesday strongly condemned Kabul massacre killed 103 and wounded 235 on Saturday. The council said that according to Islam killing of innocent people and suicide attacks are Haram.

“Killing of innocent Muslims has no base at in Islam and other religion and regulations,” said Head of the Afghan Ulema Council Qiamudin Kashaf.

Speaking at a conference condemn the recent attack and killing and wounding of hundreds of Afghan in Kabul and other provinces, and termed the attack inhuman and against Islam act.

He urged Afghans to keep unity to prevent the identified enemy from killing of Afghan innocent in the country.

He also called on government to step up efforts in order to defend from people and their property.

Pointing to Pakistan Ulema Fatwa, he said that Pakistan issued a Fatwa that suicide attack is Haram after years, when they come under pressure.

Criticizing Pakistan Ulema, he said that Islam decree is for all Muslim words not for only one country.

He said that Afghanistan Ulema earlier and often released such Fatwa, but Pakistan issued an deficient Fatwa only for Pakistan.

Mawlawi Salam Abed said that killing of Muslim and innocent people have no Islamic base and such massacre is banned in Islam.

Mawlawi Raihan said that this war is not Afghan war it was imposed over Afghan and it backs by some clusters, who don’t want progress, development and stability in the country.

The Ulema also announced support from Afghan forces and made decision to donate blood for all victims of the recent attacks in Kabul.

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