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Ulema condemn Nangarhar mosque bombing

Islam’s massage is peace, not terror and bombing; those who destroy mosques and kill prayers have not faith

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The Afghan Ulema (religious scholars) on Saturday strongly condemned the attack targeting civilians gathered for Friday prayers at the Hisarak Jami Mosque in Rodat district of Nangarhar province and called it an act against Islam.

An improvised explosive device planted at the mosque detonated during Friday prayers in Hisarak Jami Mosque in Rodat district killed at least three civilians and injured more than 70 others including 31 boys with at least two in critical condition during the first week of Ramadan holy month.

“According to Islam, mosque is a secure and safe place for Muslims and those who hold step to target and destroy mosques are not Muslim and have no faith,” said Shaikh-Ul-Hadith Abdul Salam Abed.

He said that attacking mosque particularly bombing attack in Nangarhar mosque is an atrocity act.

Those who target mosques have not relation with Islam religion and even won’t know about Islam objectives.

Muslim Jurist Ahmad Noor Waqef, which denouncing the bombing attack on Nangarhar mosque said that this attack unveil Islam masked enemies face to the world.

He said thatterror and violence are prohibited in Islam, Islam massage is peace.

Attack on mosque and targeting prayers has no place in any religion, he insisted.

Such attack will motivate Afghan people to keep stronger resistance than before against Afghan enemies, he noted.

Another religion scholar Assadullah Yousufi said the enemies support those who have no respect to mosque and Islam, so it is the time to all Muslims in the world raise against this enemy.

Yousufi also urged Afghan people to keep unity to rout such enemies, who disrespect mosques and Islam religion.



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