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UN calls for urgent action against climate change in Afghanistan


Kabul: At the opening of the 27th annual climate change summit of the United Nations in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, the United Nations has said that the people of Afghanistan are on the edge of the precipice of devastating climate change, and one of the countries that has the “least awareness” against climate shocks.

According to the United Nations, Afghanistan is the sixth most affected country in the world against climate consequences.

Today, more than 120 world leaders have gone to the resort beach of Sharm el-Sheikh in the Red Sea to participate in the so-called “Cup 27” summit.

At the same time, the United Nations has called for quick collective action to reduce the destructive effects of climate change in Afghanistan.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called on the COP27 summit to lay the groundwork for faster and bolder climate action in the “decisive decade” ahead, which he says is “when we will win or lose the global climate war.” “

The statement of the United Nations states that currently Afghanistan is faced with the repetition of natural disasters that cause casualties and damage to lives, livelihoods, houses and infrastructure. At the same time, the life of Afghan people is strongly dependent on agriculture. With a fragile ecosystem, extensive environmental destruction, low socio-economic infrastructure, and more than 4 decades of war, it has created a strong vulnerability to climate change.

The United Nations says drought has become common in many parts of Afghanistan, with sudden heavy rains causing floods and landslides.

Ramiz Al-Kabarov, Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary General and Coordinator of Humanitarian Aid in Afghanistan, said, “It is shocking that the most vulnerable Afghans bear the burden of environmental disasters.”

Mr. Al-Kabrov said “it is necessary to take action in Afghanistan now”.

He added, “We can’t wait. Afghans do not have time to wait. All parties should find common ground and common cause to work for Afghanistan’s sustainable future. We must make it clear that this problem is not unique to Afghanistan, it is a larger regional problem and the lack of action in Afghanistan now will create a significant setback in climate action for the entire region.”

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