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UN Concerned by Afghan Children’s Severe Status

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KABUL: A UN delegation, led by Reena Ghelani in Kabul expressed concerns over the status of the Afghan children, saying that around four million Afghan children would possibly be affected by malnutrition and that at least 137,000 of them are expected to lose their life to the disease.

After the citizens of Afghanistan complained over what they call unfair distribution of aid, a UN delegation comprised of nine members visited Kabul.

“We report against our target and our deliveries, and we need to be out there talking to people more and hearing their complaints—we certainly need to hear if there are problems out there and this is part of the mission that we went on,” Ghelani said.   

“…I spent most of my time and all of us… talking to Afghan people about those exact issues and hearing from them directly so that we can make sure that we are targeting correctly,” she added. 

Afghanistan is scrambling with the severe crisis in a variety of ways.

“If the aid was provided in cash, it would help the value of the Afghan currency and would solve the cash problems in the markets,” said Abdul Naseer Rishtia, a university professor.  

The delegation of the UN also warned that over 18 million people are facing food insecurity in Afghanistan with at least half of them are living in grave need of food.

“The time is now. We have no time to wait. We have to get the economy going and we need to give people hope today,” Ghelani said.  

This comes as the US has recently permitted a license to lift some of the financial sanctions on Afghanistan.

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