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UN envoy reiterates support for Afghanistan education

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KABUL: United Nations rapporteur Katharina Merkel, at the helm of a team, traveled to western Herat province to reiterate UN’s support to support education sector in Afghanistan.

Accompanied by James Darcey, UN rapporteur met with Herat’s education director Abdullah Ameni and discussed ways to enhance the education system and promote cooperation with the UN.

United Nations rapporteur Katharina Merkel in a visit to Herat reiterated the UN’s commitment to supporting Afghanistan education and urged all-out effort by Taliban government to improve education system.

During the meeting, the UN rapporteur voiced support for these efforts and urged for greater collaboration between the UN and Afghanistan’s education sector.

Ameni highlighted the efforts of the education department of Herat to provide a standardized education system in collaboration with national and international donor organizations. However, he emphasized the need for increased cooperation from aid organizations to further boost the education sector of the province.

Another key objective of Merkel and Darcey’s visit was to evaluate the quality education programs implemented by the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) in the region. The education specialists provided valuable insights during their discussions, and their visit has been viewed as a positive step in promoting the education sector of Afghanistan.

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