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UN says Taliban keep close ties with terrorist groups

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KABUL: The United Nations Security Council believes that Taliban are still keeping relations with al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups. In a report, the UN said fighters from al-Qaeda, Central Asian terrorist group and the East Turkistan network are actively present in Afghanistan.

The Afghan foreign ministry also says that the United Nations Security Council confirms Taliban’s ties with al-Qaeda.

The UN report said Monday that the al-Qaeda fighters have presence in 15 provinces in east and southeast of the country, and the al-Qaeda for Indian sub-continent is also based in Taliban-controlled areas in Kandahar, Helmand and Nimroz.

It said that the Central Asian terrorist group helped Taliban in attacks on northern and northeastern provinces, where they took control of several districts.

The ministry of foreign affairs, said that Islamic Movement for Eastern Turkistan assisted by al-Qaeda, is fighting against Chinese government and have its fighters in Badakhshan province that borders China.

It thanked the United Nations for documenting Taliban relations with regional and international terrorist groups based in Afghanistan, calling it a serious threat against the region and the world.

The Afghan foreign ministry urged investigation and evaluation of “anti-human crimes” by Taliban.

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