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UN security council divided on Taliban travel ban

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Kabul: The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is sharply divided on travel ban exemptions for Taliban leaders.

Associated Press reported that the members of the UN Security Council could not agree on the extension of the travel exemption of 13 Taliban officials in the last meeting of this council.

According to this media Russia and China, members of this council have been asked for a deadline to vote on whether or not to exempt the travel of Taliban officials.

US and Western countries are demanding not to extend the travel exemption of 13 senior members of the Taliban due to the neglect of this group to reopen girls’ schools and the failure to form an inclusive government.

However, the Associated Press reported that Russia and China are going to review the American proposals in this regard and announce their opinion to the Security Council.

Previously, “Amanda Price”, Al Jazeera’s reporter, wrote in a series of tweets, quoting diplomats of the Security Council, that the proposal of Russia and China to extend the travel ban exemptions of 13 Taliban officials for 90 days was accepted today by Britain, France, Albania and Ireland rejected.

According to him, the United Nations Security Council has reached an impasse over the extension of travel ban exemptions for a group of Taliban officials in Afghanistan. These exemptions for 13 Taliban officials are scheduled to end on Friday.

According to this report, Ireland has opposed China and Russia’s latest proposal to extend travel ban exemptions for 13 Taliban officials to travel to China, Russia and regional countries. These exemptions have expired on Friday without the UN Security Council’s agreement on their extension plan.

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