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UN states that aid programs in Afghanistan are encountering a shortage of funds


Kabul: The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has highlighted the limited financial support from the international community, risking the suspension of numerous relief programs in Afghanistan. In a report released today, Sunday, March 3rd, OCHA disclosed that out of the requested three billion dollars for humanitarian efforts in 2024, only a fraction has been secured.

OCHA underscored the challenges, stating that of the proposed 3.06 billion budget, a mere 87 million dollars have been received, imperiling the continuity of essential programs. The agency noted a significant reduction in aid provision compared to the previous year, where budget constraints forced the cessation of food assistance to 18 million Afghans.

Highlighting past achievements, OCHA outlined that in 2023, humanitarian aid reached 32.1 million individuals, encompassing food, livelihood support, and health services for millions. Despite substantial efforts, funding shortfalls are jeopardizing ongoing assistance efforts, with over half of Afghanistan’s population expected to require humanitarian aid this year.

Emphasizing the plight of the most vulnerable, including individuals with disabilities, OCHA stressed the critical need for sustained support to ensure comprehensive assistance to 17.3 million of Afghanistan’s neediest.

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