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UN urges Taliban to allow Afghans travel abroad

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KABUL: The United Nations Security Council called on the Taliban to facilitate a safe passage for the people intending to leave Afghanistan.

The UNSC in a statement, which was issued after an emergency meeting regarding Afghanistan, didn’t say anything about the formation of a safe zone in Kabul.

Earlier, French President said that France and UK would propose formation of a safe zone- that would be active under the supervision of the UN in Kabul.

The resolution was confirmed with 13 confident votes and two unconfident votes of Russia and China.

The resolution stressed on importance of access to aids, observation of human rights, formation of an inclusive government and countering the terrorism.

The resolution was issued at a time, while the remaining of the U.S. troops left Afghanistan on Monday midnight. Nearly 100 world’s countries, including the U.S., said that the Taliban pledged to facilitate a safe passage to the foreign nations and Afghans at risk.

The UNSC condemned the attack at Kabul airport that left over 170 people dead, including 13 U.S. Marines.

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