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UN warns of more Taliban offensive after US withdrawal

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KABUL: The United Nations warns of more Taliban’s attacks once the US withdrawal is completed.

Deborah Lyons, head of the UN mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), said Wednesday that Taliban are expected to launch “intensive military operations” after the United States exits, adding that the militants’ next step would be to capture provincial capitals.

She said that more than 50 out of 378 districts have fallen to Taliban since May 1, when President Joe Biden of the United States announced the withdrawal of his troops from Afghanistan.

Ms. Lyons said that most of the fallen districts are located close to the provincial capitals.

“The launch of intensive military operations by Taliban, will cause increase of violence in the country, but any efforts to bring a government by force to Kabul will be against the national interests.”

According to Lyons, Taliban’s attacks in Afghanistan could threaten the two-decade achievements to destruction.

“Taliban’s these attacks are directly against a statement issued by their head of political commission who said ‘we are committed to go on with the war in a mutual respect space and reach an agreement’,” she said.

On Wednesday, the fall of four more districts in the provinces of Ghazni, Zabul and Badakhshan was confirmed.

Lyons said she expected that the stalled peace negotiations in Qatar be accelerated via a Turkey conference, but Taliban are yet to have a clear response.

She also said that deteriorating security situation has affected countries far or near Afghanistan.

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