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UNAMA chief confident on peace talks

“Russia concerned over IS emergence in Afghanistan, says nascent peace in Afghanistan should be protected”

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KABUL: UNAMA head, Nicholas Haysom while briefing the United Nations Security Council regarding the current situation in Afghanistan, said that phenomenal development in peace process has reinvigorate hope and the ongoing conflict will gradually recede to zero in the country. “Afghanistan and Pakistan have carried out increasingly constructive dialogue in terms of peace, trade and security,” he said.

He went on saying that these positive developments were a testament to the efforts of President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah. “Collaborative leadership is very important for any peace talks and also electoral reforms should be taken place,” he added.

A proper intra-Afghan peace dialoguer required strong regional backing, with full respect of Afghanistan’s sovereignty, he said in a media statement. “We note the positive initiatives taken by the leaders of Afghanistan and Pakistan in recent months,” he further added.

Praising the capability of Afghan Security Forces, Haysom said that recent military operations in Helmand and Kunar provinces were a demonstration that the Afghan forces improved their planning and operation capacity. “They are now in a position to conduct massive-military operations without assistance from foreign troops,” he said.

He termed the indication of Islamic Stat of Iraq, or Daish as a great concern but said that ISIS significance is not so much a function of its intrinsic capacities in the area.  However Haysom informed the 15-member body that the ISIL groups were potential to offer an alternative flagpole to which otherwise isolated splinter groups could rally.

Moreover, the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said that handful of Taliban commander had declared adherence to Islamic State.  “There is no indication of widespread or systematic support for ISIL in Afghanistan,” he said.

“We do have concerns regarding increase in terrorist threat in Afghanistan and expansion of the Islamic State’s geographical activities,” said Russia Deputy Ambassador Vladimir Safronkov.

He asked the UN Security Council to react immediately to prevent the IS’s further expansion that could destabilize the nascent peace in Afghanistan.

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