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Unanimity takes shape for direct Taliban dialogue

AT News Report-KABUL: Political heavyweights and coalition representatives on Friday moved to proclaim their stance on the country’s ongoing fundamental issues including reconciliation effort and elections and made a landmark peace proposition.

Ex-president Hamid Karzai too declared his support to a unanimous proposition of the political coalition for constituting of a “national panel for reconciliation” with involvement of representatives of political parties and coalition, national assembly and civil society in a bid to facilitate direct intra-Afghan dialogue with the Taliban faction in the hope of restoring peace.

“Achieving peace in Afghanistan, without doubt, calls for inter-Afghan discourse,” he said, hoping this peace effort will gain strength through spurring public consultations.

He also threw down the gauntlet on the Taliban leadership to engage in inter-Afghan peace negotiations to restore peace, a long-lasting hankering of the Afghan people.

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