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Unbreakable ties between Taliban and al-Qaeda

By Ehsan

KABUL: The ancestry of the Afghan war deeply linked to the last period of Daud Khan Government. At first the chanting of Islamism for an Islamic policy and government in Afghanistan was an attractive captivation but due to the extremism actions by radical Muslims the charming chanting had been faded away.

The Islamic Radicalism does not have domestic roots in Afghanistan as it was first influenced by the Egyptian clerics and led to the Diwbandism in south Asia and Arabic extremism.

The Islamic groups under the title of Mujahiddin, with receiving training in Pakistan and Iran, have started subversive activities in Afghanistan as the extremists of the majority countries joint the Mujahiddins in Pakistan.

A Palestinian cleric, Abdullah Azam was the instructor of the Jarchies in Jihadi command. After him, Abdullah Annas, Osama Ben Laden and some others joint to the command of the terrorists.  

Abdullah Annas was appeared in London, Zarqawi was killed in Iraq and Ben Laden was stationed alongside the crossing line between Afghanistan and Pakistan until he was killed by the American Special Forces in Abbottabad of Pakistan.

The footprint of Iranians such as Qasim Sulaimani, Akbar Parizi and several others showed that they were also following the same path. Sulaimani was active in Syria and Iraq until killed by the American Air Force in Iraq.

In 1988 in Pakistan, al-Qaeda emerged among the Mujahiddin. It was founded based on radicalism Islam and was financial supported by Ben Laden.

In 1994, the Taliban emerged in Afghanistan and spread its violence across the country with killing of a large number of people. They imposed drastic restrictions on freedom of speech, women and civil rights.

They were whipping women who were not accompanied by a male partner.

The top officials of the Taliban had strong vibes with the al-Qaeda and it was supported by this terrorist network. The Taliban had been trained in the military stations of al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan to omit humanity, peaceful protests and civil freedom.

After the collapse of the government of Dr. Najibullah, Ben Laden returned to Saudi and then left there for Sudan after disputes with the Saudi officials – Sudan was under the command of Omarul Basheer. In 1996, Omarul Basheer apologized for the present of Ben Laden in his soil and Ben Laden traveled to Afghanistan with the support of guerilla fellows. 

His travel from Sudan to Afghanistan is showing the deepest ties between the Taliban and al-Qaeda. The reality and solidity of the vibes are not hidden from the eyes of US and international communities.

His presence in Afghanistan posed the killing of thousands of human in our country and worldwide. The Taliban and al-Qaeda are the two inseparable phenomena. The relations between them are as tightened as the Taliban even scarified its regime back in 1999s.

The US deal signed with the Taliban on February 29th in Doha strongly demand the Taliban to cut ties with the al-Qaeda and prevent other terrorist groups from creating threats against the US and its allies.

The United Nations and intelligence organizations including the US are informed that cutting ties between the Taliban and al-Qaeda is beyond consideration. Their spiritual root is extremism and radicalism in the Islamic world and their military nexus is the usage of cruelty and subversive acts. 

Emphasizing on cutting ties between the Taliban and al-Qaeda is because of the spiritual notions and military and financial support of al-Qaeda from the terrorist groups in Afghanistan.

The point is that al-Qaeda has penetrated itself in Taliban, and as ash under the fire, there is always a possibility of igniting flames, which would not only pose threats to Afghanistan but also to the world.

The European Union, neighboring countries, international communities, US and NATO should know that the Taliban scarified its regime and power back 1999s for al-Qaeda and now that it does not have any governance, social and political dignity, and also has nothing else to lose but is a group distracted from humanity with staying decades of distance from a peaceful life. Considering these issues, the separation of Taliban and al-Qaeda is impossible because the Taliban see itself energetic and visible with the presence of Al-Qaeda.

The message of one of the al-Qaeda top member, Abu Yasir to the Taliban leader Mullah Hibatullah and his deputy Sirajuddin Haqqani (leaked by foreign sources) regarding the Taliban’s recent attack in Samangan, is a clear sign shows that the Taliban and al-Qaeda are undividable.

The al-Qaeda in this message mentioned the support of his fighters from the Taliban, which means the Taliban has strong ties with al-Qaeda even stronger than 2001.

The Taliban would fight till death to protect the al-Qaeda against Afghanistan and World. The concept of peace and agreement has no place in the lexicon of the Taliban and it doesn’t give any value for these measures. The Taliban and al-Qaeda have similar logic, which is to kill human pose violence and destroy public interests.

The Taliban and its ways of thinking were eliminated 19 years ago in Afghanistan. The Afghans doesn’t have the ability to behold the Taliban and al-Qaeda neither the situation is presently laid out for ensuring such a regime in Afghanistan.

The Taliban imposed its presence and the militants way of secret and guerilla living appears their stubbornness. 

The only way to rescue Afghanistan and World from the threat of Taliban, al-Qaeda, Daesh and other terrorist groups is to support the Afghan security forces. The Afghan security forces are not rendering sacrifices to defend their country and people but they are fighting in frontiers against the Taliban, al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups for the region and World’s stability.

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