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United States Institute of Peace urges sustained aid to Afghanistan

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KABUL – United States Institute of Peace has urged Washington to sustain humanitarian aid to Afghanistan amid its dark days of Taliban rule.

The institute in a report titled “Afghanistan’s Dire Humanitarian Situation” has emphasized the severe challenges faced by the country since the Taliban assumed control, including the collapse of the economy and financial system. Moreover, the international community has unanimously decided not to recognize the Taliban, making it difficult for donors to provide for the population’s needs in these dire circumstances.

According to the report, the Afghan economy has crumbled and the financial system has largely collapsed in the two years since the Taliban takeover. The international community has responded by choosing unified non-recognition of the Taliban. Consequently, donors and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) now face an immense challenge in meeting the needs of the Afghan people under these dire conditions.

These organizations have had to carefully engage with an unrecognized administration while continuing to provide essential aid and services, as a significant portion of the Afghan population lives in extreme poverty. The United Nations estimates that nearly 29 million people in the country require urgent humanitarian assistance, yet funding shortages pose a significant obstacle.

Furthermore, the report reveals that the humanitarian situation has deteriorated further due to increased restrictions imposed by the Taliban on Afghan women working for NGOs. It underscores the crucial and immediate need for a clear and effective response to address Afghanistan’s dire humanitarian crisis.

In a statement to reporters, the UN Secretary-General expressed grave concerns about the situation, stating that six million Afghans are on the brink of starvation, financing is rapidly diminishing, and 28 million people will require humanitarian aid to survive this year. The Secretary-General also highlighted that only $294 million, or 6.4 percent of the requested $4.6 billion for the humanitarian response plan, has been received so far.

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