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Unregistered Afghan refugees in Kurram given 3 days to leave

AT-Monitoring Desk-KABUL: Afghan refugees residing in tribal area of Kurram Agency without registration have been given three days deadline to leave, said media reports from Pakistan on Monday.

Pakistani media outlets quoted an official from lower Kurram Agency, as saying that notices were issued on Sunday to Afghan nationals in Bagan and Badshah Kot areas who did not have valid documents to verify the reason for their stay in the area.

The official said that Afghan refugees were instructed to leave the area within three days otherwise they would be arrested or deported from the tribal area. The notices were also put up at prominent places in the areas and announcements were made at mosques.

The official also said that all tribes’ people have been directed not to rent their houses to Afghan nationals or provide shelter to them. “Anyone who violates these orders will also have to face the music,” he added.

The decision to expel all Afghan refugees residing in Khyber Pakhtunwa was taken in the aftermath of the Army Public School attack. The attack which claimed 150 lives rekindled interest in the permission granted to Afghan refugees to stay in the province.

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