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UNSC’s delegation committed over cooperation with Afghanistan

AT-KABUL: The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) delegation during a visit to Kabul, expressed commitment in cooperation with the Afghan government in order to reach peace and stability.

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani received United Nation Security Council (UNSC) delegation in presidential palace yesterday.

The delegation was leading by Kairat Umarov, Kazakhstan Ambassador to UNSC. In this visit the permanent representatives  of UN and UNSC from USA, China, UK, Russia, France, Sweden, Poland, Kazakhstan, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Kuwait, Holland  and three others countries were present.

According to a statement both sides discussed over security in Afghanistan and region, fighting against terrorism, corruption, drug and its smuggling, acceleration of peace process, preparation for election, reform in governance, strengthening of system, sharing of women  and rule of UN in Afghanistan.

The delegation and Afghan officials also discussed regional cooperation and pressure over Pakistan in order to reach to stability in Afghanistan.

President Ghani said that we in regional relation and in economic field with middle Asia countries, Russia, China and Iran had great achievements.

Pointing to Afghanistan and Pakistan relation, he said that efforts hold for better relation by Afghanistan, but Pakistan regional cooperation had no result.

President hinting to terrorist group in Afghanistan and provide to UNSC delegation witnesses about activity, training center and financial support of terrorist groups including Daesh in abroad.

President shared the efforts hold by Afghan security forces against narcotic and destroying of drug factories.

He said that terrorism is a joint threat for all world countries and its outcome will have negative effect to all.

President Ghani also called the US-new strategy a positive one for Afghanistan and region.

President insisted over intra-Afghan peace negotiation and peace state to state with Pakistan, adding that in order to reach peace in Afghanistan will use all countries’ experiences.

He said that also for participation of women in government great steps has been held.

Kairat Umarov Kazakhstan Ambassador in UNSC said that UNSC will support the government and people of Afghanistan and the view about reaching peace, stability and development in Afghanistan.

He said that since 2010 this is the first UNSC delegation has visited Kabul.

He stated that we have traveled to Kabul in order to assess progresses in different fields particularly peace process and how to accelerate this process.

Also all the delegation of

All the delegation praised Afghan security forces and the National Unity Government and committed for cooperation of the UNSC cooperation with the Afghanistan in the aspect of peace and stability.

According to a statement   released by   US embassy said that the U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley was among UN Security Council members who traveled to Afghanistan this week. Ambassador Haley has consistently supported efforts to bolster international support and cooperation for peace and security in Afghanistan and the region. She and her UNSC counterparts met with Afghan officials to underscore their commitment to cooperation and continued support for the country.

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