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Untangling the skein of terror-surge

Left to its own devices, Afghanistan’s internal security network needs an impregnable security overhauls particularly given the horrific terror blasts the other day, and the ongoing terror activities across the country. The deadliest attack on the military installation in Shah Shaheed, and the Taliban’s assault on the Parliament a few months back, are a powerful echoes against the peace negotiations with the Taliban. However, by now the government has utterly failed who is intolerant to the peace negotiations to such a mad extent? Whether it is someone from the Taliban that’s against the peace talks or it is someone else, the government must try to reach to the fathom of the issue. Attacking the parliament means attacking the people’s will as this house is the embodiment of people’s political will whereas attacking the military installation means attacking people’s confidence in the national security apparatus. Therefore, the government cannot sit back and remain just an onlooker as the government will have to know what has been the real cause of the weakness that has emboldened the insurgents to such an extent that they are targeting sensitive bodies in the capital Kabul. Though the Taliban are the most hated people in this country as they are no less than human-vulture in the eyes of the general public and they don’t have any training centers on the soil of Afghans, however where from they come and carry out their deadliest attacks. Untangling the skein of militancy-surge needs meticulous study on the part of the government and its security agencies as the surge didn’t happen out of the blue. Moreover, the Afghanistan Ulema Council (AUC) on Sunday while condemning the deadliest suicide attacks in Shah Shaheed locality said the bloodbath was an inhuman act and against the teaching of any religion. No religion of the world permits such a nonsense act of terrorism. When the government enjoys full public support, and support from religious community, where is the problem that it cannot tame insecurity? A press statement issued by the AUC said the bombing was carried out by the enemy of Afghanistan with nefarious designs in their mind. The war must come to an end and the government must use whatever resources and tools it could utilize however one thing must remain clearer that first it needs to hamstring the power of the insurgents. The continued war has become unbearable for the people as it is the civilian population that’s the worst victim. The international war on terror has caused 26,800 civilian deaths in this troubled country. This is really a huge death toll. The people of the country have become war-weary. Those who still claim to be fighting for the liberation of the people of Afghanistan must be ashamed of their terrorism as it is not they who are the true representatives of this land rather it is the elected government and its institutions that really represent them. Even when they were in power, the Taliban had no embassies around the world except their regime was recognized by Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and UAE. Saudi Arabia and UAE perhaps are trying to atone for their sins in Afghanistan, but Pakistan still looks busier in anti-Afghanistan schemes. The Taliban must know that Afghan forces enjoy full support of the people and religious scholars as thousands of religious scholars pledged enormous support of the Afghan National Security Forces in a Loya Jirga Grand Assembly Hall after the security forces shouldered security responsibility from the coalition troops. The session titled “Independent Defense” was attended by at least 5,000 religious scholars from every nook and cranny of the country. The religious scholars threw their support unanimously behind the Afghan security forces and said it was their responsibility so that peace could thrive in the country. Can the Taliban organize a council of just a hundred religious scholars in public who can publicly support the Taliban? Definitely they cannot because personally the leadership of the Taliban is well-off in Pakistan whereas they misuse the nascent brain of Afghan youths who study in religious seminaries on the other side of the Durand Line. The day they organize such a gathering, the Afghan nation will accept them its true representatives and if they find themselves they must renounce violence and be ashamed of what they have done to this troubled nation.

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