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US administration lends support to NUG

AT News Report-KABUL: President Asrhaf Ghani and the US president Donald Trump discussed several things including regional security issues, economic affairs, development, and investment, as well as the joint fight against terrorism and the role of countries that sponsor terrorism.

Both the presidents exchanged these views during a telephone conversation.

They also discussed US-Afghan cooperation and how the partnership between Afghanistan and America is based on a strong foundation of shared national interests and common security threats.

President Ghani told the US President that Afghanistan’s defense and security forces have successfully overcome their earlier difficulties, and praised the American forces serving alongside Afghan soldiers in the fight for peace.

President Trump characterized Afghanistan’s efforts against terrorism as successful, practical and effective, and said it had helped make the two countries great partners.

President Ghani reinforced that the United States has a strong partner in Afghanistan, a strategic platform in the fight against terrorism, and said his government is pursuing reforms that will bring the country to self-reliance in the near future.  President Trump said he has plans to meet with President Ghani soon. This was the second time the two leaders have spoken. The first call was on December three.

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