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US airstrikes inflict significant damage on Taliban

AT-KABUL: The defense ministry has said that the US airstrikes have caused significant damages on the Taliban insurgents.

The US announced that its army dropped 1,186 bombs on the Taliban sanctuaries in the first quarter of the ongoing year.

Defense Ministry Spokesman, Mohammad Radmanesh said that the strikes were launched with the coordination of the Afghan army.

“The enemies of Afghanistan have made strongholds in the mountainous areas, their heroin labs and bomb making factories are located in these areas. We managed to target these strongholds with the coordination of the US troops that have put great impacts,”Radmanesh said Wednesday.

The US government has said that more bombs were dropped on the Taliban sanctuaries compared to the past years. It did not detail the Taliban’s casualties by the bombings, but has said that the strikes focused to prevent civilian casualties.

The US President Donald Trump had already said that his country launched 751 airstrikes on the Taliban in Afghanistan that was in higher level in the past eight years.

But Afghan military analysts say that in some conditions, the US launched aerial raids without coordination with Afghan government that caused civilian casualties.

“In Afghanistan, public structures, civilian vehicles and other areas were bombed. This has caused a rift between the government and people of Afghanistan,” said Kabul Khan Tadbir, a military expert.

He urged that the strikes should be launched after thorough information and in full coordination with the Afghan government and army to prevent targeting schools, mosques, hospitals, people’s houses and other public areas.

The Pentagon says it is cautious not to harm civilians and public areas.

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