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US announces new policy for Afghanistan, Pakistan

AT Monitoring-KABUL: The US president Trump administration has taken the initiative to frame a new policy with an aim of not allowing terrorist outfits to use Afghanistan and Pakistan’s soil for launching terrorist attacks in any part of the world, ANI reported.

The US National Security Adviser Gen. McMaster has said that the new US policy would be applied to both Kabul and Islamabad.

He further revealed that there is a serious need to shape and implement an effective strategy to overcome the cancer of terrorism, not only in Afghanistan, Pakistan but in the region as well.

He added, probably decision would be taken after arrival of president Trump from his foreign visits later this month.

Moreover, media covering the White House has been told by the McMaster that Washington considers a proposal to deploy thousands additional troops to Afghanistan, aimed at chasing insurgency in the country by enhancing training and fight capabilities of the Afghan forces.

Prior to that, Gen. John Nicholson, US military commander in Afghanistan has made a request for a few thousand more US troops during congressional hearing earlier.

Similarly, the NATO member countries are also thinking carefully about the proposal to deploy more troops to Afghanistan.

At the moment, there are about 8,400 US troops in Afghanistan, accompanied by 4,500 troops from NATO and other allied nations.

According to independent analysts in Afghanistan and Pakistan, any new or old US strategy to curb terrorism in Afghanistan could not succeed and import required outputs as long as safe sanctuaries and breeding nurseries of terrorist outfits exist in various parts of Pakistan.

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