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US arbitrary house searches divesting freedom of residents

AT News Report-KABUL: Some members of the Wolesi Jirga have strongly criticized the recent spree of house searches by US forces in Kabul, saying they were depriving people of their freedom.

US top commander in Afghanistan recently announced that military operations targeting hideouts and probation centers of militants based on Kabul Security Plan would be launched simultaneously with Afghan security forces—and probably house-to-house search also to be kicked off, the KabulNews has reported.

Meanwhile, Kabul residents said that Afghan security forces are capable enough to maintain Kabul security. They called on foreign forces to carry out operation outside the country against safe-havens of the militants that produce suicide bombing, facilitating their infiltration to Afghanistan.

The recent remark of General John Nicholson, has earned harsh criticism from members of parliament, and the lawmakers believe house-to-house searching is an attempt to infringe people’s freedom.

Last week, Nicholson during his speech in Bagram airfield, said that securing the capital Kabul is now one of their top priorities.

However, the lawmakers say that the wrong policy of foreigners has lead into insecurity in the cities, and now they are abandoning the entire country and only emphasizing on security of Kabul city.

According to them, the United States and its allies are not paying attention to the main terrorist centers, and conversely, they are helping Pakistan, as a result of which we witness more violence and conflict in Afghanistan by passing each day.

The people’s representatives expressed their deepest concern over the plan of foreigners in which highly threatening the so-called freedom of people in the capital city.

If anyone raised voice against such act of the foreigners, they would be labeled as terrorist sponsors, and no efforts would be spared to defame them through one or another way.



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