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US brushes off reports that Bagram airbase is being demolished

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KABUL: The US forces in Afghanistan brushed off reports that they are demolishing the Bagram airbase amid a hasty withdrawal of American troops from the country.

“We have not destroyed any part of Bagram,” US Forces Spokesman Col Sonny Leggett told Afghanistan Times.

The base, located in Bagram district 60 km north of Kabul, has served as the biggest US military base in Afghanistan for nearly 20 years.

Recent reports from Bagram residents suggest that the US military has demolished many small installations, offices, bases and other buildings inside the Bagram airbase.

It was also reported that many residents in Bagram have lost their jobs as the number of US forces is shrinking there.

Recently the US President Donald Trump said he will bring all troops from Afghanistan back home by Charismas.

Reportedly, the US has some 700 small and big bases around Afghanistan, and this would help the Afghan security forces a lot if it handed over to the Afghan security forces.

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