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US called on Taliban to immediately stop offensive in Helmand

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KABUL: The US top officials in Afghanistan have called on the Taliban to stop its offensive in Helmand and reduce its violence around the country.

US Chargé d’Affaires, Ross Wilson in a series of tweets on Tuesday echoed Gen. Miller’s call for the Taliban to stop its offensive in Helmand. “This violence, which is not consistent with the U.S.-Taliban agreement, leads only to unacceptable loss of life and destruction,” he said.

He furthered that the violence should stop so that all parties can move toward a lasting and much-needed peace for Afghans.

The US forces conducted several targeted strikes in Helmand targeting Taliban insurgents over the past two days. Spokesman to US forces in Afghanistan, Col. Sonny Leggett, in a tweet said that US forces launched strikes to defend Afghan security forces under attack. He vowed continued military support in defense of Afghan forces under attack by the Taliban.

This is as commander of NATO and US forces in Afghanistan, Gen. Scott Miller, urged the Taliban to immediately stop their offensive actions in Helmand province and reduce violence around Afghanistan. He insisted that Taliban’s campaign of violence contravenes the US-Taliban agreement and undermines the ongoing Afghan peace talks.

This is as the Afghan security forces and Taliban insurgents have been fighting since the Sunday morning in southern Helmand province and thousands of people have fled intense fighting, officials have said.

 “Our commandos have reached Helmand and reinforcements will be dispatched too,” said President Spokesman Sediq Seddiqi. He said that rebels have destroyed roads and an electricity station.

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