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US Cancelled Planned Meetings with Islamic Emirate in Doha

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KABUL: The US has suddenly called off meetings with the Islamic Emirate in Doha that were set to address key economic issues, officials said on Friday, after Islamic Emirate reversed a decision to allow all girls in grade 7-12 to attend their classes, Reuters reported some sources privy to the issue.

The Islamic Emirate’s Political Office in Doha has yet to express any comment in regards.

Although, the Islamic Emirate earlier announced that all schools will be reopened for girls and boys students at all levels, on Wednesday the girls’ students in grades 7-12 were told to remain home until the next decision is announced.

The cancellation of talks was the first concrete sign that the Islamic Emirate’s recent moves on human rights and inclusivity could directly impact the international community’s willingness to help the Islamic Emirate.
“Their decision was a deeply disappointing and inexplicable reversal of commitments to the Afghan people, first and foremost, and also to the international community,” a US State Department spokesperson was quoted by Reuters.
“We have canceled some of our engagements, including planned meetings in Doha, and made clear that we see this decision as a potential turning point in our engagement.”

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