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‘US can’t ignore Karzai in its policies’

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: The Foreign Policy says that the US authorities waited long for the former Afghan president, Hamid Karzai, adding that “unfortunately”, they cannot ignore him after stepped away from power.

The Washington-based news publication added that Karzai’s stance is different from many other Afghans about the new US strategy. “Karzai says that the Islamic State (Daesh) is a US tool and he sees no difference between the US and Daesh,” it added.

It says that the US officials may wait more for Karzai to convince him that their policy is neither too hot nor too cold for him. “The US officials still cannot marginalize him (Karzai) as a former statesman, turned to a critic.

The publication says that having extended relationships in Afghanistan is more important than holding official power. “Karzai has such relationships.”

It said that Karzai is not penitent about his sayings that the US created Daesh and is in secret relationships with the terrorist group.

“Karzai believes that the US is trying to divide Afghans and reach their goals by using this chance.”

“In my opinion, they (the US) want to keep us weak and divided to seek their goals in the region. They have their international policies and rivals. They are aware that China is rising as a great economic power in the world. They look at Russia as a re-empowered power and feel danger,” the magazine quoted Karzai as saying.

Karzai’s statements and the US media’s comments come at a time that the US B-52 warplanes have re-emerged in the Afghanistan sky, bombarding different areas close to the borders of China and Tajikistan.

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