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US-China pressure can force Pakistan to support peace process honestly: HPC

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: High Peace Council (HPC) on Sunday said that United States and China can force Pakistan to sincerely cooperate in the peace process of Afghanistan.

Hajji Din Muhammad, a senior member of the HPC said that the US and China can force Pakistan to cooperate in finding a negotiated solution to the Taliban’s insurgency in Afghanistan.

Speaking at a press conference under the title of “Evaluation of Afghanistan Peace Process” organized by Pajhwok Afghan News Agency said that Pakistan as a neighbor of Afghanistan is directly and indirectly involved in the peace process. He said that it should be explained to both Pakistan and Iran that a peaceful Afghanistan is in their interest.

He said that Washington and Beijing can play an effective role in forcing Pakistan to cooperate in the peace process of Afghanistan. He stressed that the peace process should not come to an end. “Though Afghan security forces are fighting to bring peace, still efforts should be made to find a negotiated solution to the Taliban’s militancy,” he said.

Revelation of the Taliban’s leader Mullah Omar’s death crippled the peace process and the militant group increased its subversive activities across the country. In a bid to control mounting challenges of insecurity, Hajji Din Muhammad said that the peace efforts should continue to bring the Taliban to the negotiation table either in Pakistan or somewhere else. He called on the Taliban to join the peace process of Afghanistan and stop fighting for others interests in Afghanistan.

Dahish Karokhel, Head of Pajhwok Afghan News Agency, said that based on a survey conducted by the news agency, most of the interviewees have casted doubts about effectiveness of the peace process. “People of Afghanistan complain that despite spending significant financial resource, the peace process didn’t yield in desired results to bring lasting peace to the country,” he added.

The survey was conducted in 34 provinces of the country and around 350 people, both male and female, were interviewed.

Karokhel said that the interviewees urged the government to share the data regarding the amount of financial resources spent on the process as well as the results achieved so far.

The interviewees want the government to review structure of the HPC and decrease its members. “Unbiased people and those who are truly committed to bring peace to Afghanistan should be appointed as member of the HPC,” Karokhel quoted the interviewees as saying.

Citing reports, he said that around $782 million have been spent on the peace process so far. He added that findings of the survey will be shared with the government and the HPC to use them in chalking out their future strategies.

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