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US commits war crime against innocent human

KABUL: The US nuclear bomb dropped on Japan during the ‘Second World War’ has been recently followed by a big non-nuclear bomb, called ‘mother of all bombs’ (MOAB) against the innocent and victimized Afghans in Achin district of eastern Nangarhar province, in which showed the continuation of war crimes committed by the US forces in Afghanistan.

We strongly condemn the US act of barbarism on Afghan soil which is suffering worst due to the ongoing terrorism and bloody game among the regional and beyond regional players. The test of MOAB on Afghan soil could be termed as a clear violation of Afghan sovereignty and territorial integrity. Our message for those Afghans that supported this bombing is that they have accepted slavery to the greatest extend. History would remember their act of slavery, and the upcoming generations would remember them in black words. At real face, Daesh and other terrorist outfits are carrying out subversive activities in our country, and we “Afghans” are struggling to eliminate them. It is like a day light that who has created these terrorists, and who supporting and harboring them—which country providing them safe shelters, and also which country is doing lobbing for them. Afghans don’t take this bombing as an attack on Daesh terrorists, but an attack against humanity, and moreover to test its deadliest weapon in order to send a message to its rivals in the region. Moreover, through bombing, the US wanted to remove those accusations of supporting Daesh, and also it was part of international campaigns for Daesh, which resulted into killing of innocent Afghans.

We call on government and other humanitarian institutions to take residents of Achin as human beings and they should make possible to access these affected areas, and to prevent US war crimes at future. At the same time we are calling on the peace loving and humanitarian people of the world that should strengthen the voice of victimized Afghans. And also to pressurize their governments not to lend weight behind terrorists, and put an end to the killing of Afghans and innocent human beings globally.

Taking from Ziaulhaq Amerkhil facebook account



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