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US decries Taliban spring offensive: “Taliban should abandon their havens and join political setup”

AT News Report-KABUL: The United States has lashed out at the Taliban’s new wave of offensive, urging them to abandon their safe havens and return to Afghanistan to participate in a collective development endeavor.

Earlier on Wednesday,the Taliban launched their annual offensive and condemned the U.S. troops for having blown off all chances of peace and prolonged the Afghan riddle.

The US acting Secretary of State, John Sullivan, attacked the Taliban’slaunch of its spring offensive, calling it ‘unjustified’. “There is no need for a new fighting season,” he said, “Still, the Taliban announced another campaign of senseless violence targeting the democratically-elected and internationally-recognized Afghan government and their fellow Afghans.”

“As President Ghani recently said, the Taliban should turn their bullets and bombs into ballots. They should run for office. They should vote. We encourage Taliban leaders to return to Afghanistan from their foreign safe havens and work constructively for Afghanistan’s future. More violence will not bring peace and security to Afghanistan,” said the acting minister.

He also reiterated the US support to Afghanistan. “We support the brave Afghan security forces who are standing against the Taliban and terrorist groups that seek to destroy Afghan society. We commend the Afghan people, who are carrying on their lives, raising families, attending universities, building businesses, preparing for elections, and strengthening their communities despite violence and continued bloodshed,” he said.

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