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US drones enter Afghanistan airspace from Pakistan, says Taliban defence minister

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Kabul: Mullah Muhammad Yaqub Mujahid, Taliban’s Acting Minister of National Defense, referring to drone patrolling in the country’s airspace, says that American drones have continued to invade Afghanistan through Pakistan.

He also said that the killing of al-Zawahiri in Afghanistan has not been proven so far and remains an “allegation”.

He said in a press conference in Kabul on Sunday that although the Taliban through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other diplomatic institutions demanded that the Americans end the violation of the country’s airspace, but they have continued their “open aggression”.

He emphasized that it is not advisable to continue this process and the Americans should avoid it as soon as possible.

Mr Mujahed said that, although the Americans destroyed Afghanistan’s radar system last year, but the initial intelligence shows that US drones are entering the country’s airspace from Pakistan.

He asked the government of Pakistan to respect the independence of Afghanistan and not allow the Americans to use this country’s soil and airspace against Afghanistan.

In his speech, Mujahid pointed to Joe Biden’s claim of killing Ayman al-Zawahiri, the leader of the Al-Qaeda network in Kabul, and said that the allegations of the Americans is just a false claim and no sign of Zawahiri’s presence in Afghanistan has been found so far.

He noted that the interim government continues its investigation and will share its findings with the media once the process is completed.

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