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US hindering provision of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan


Kabul: “Nikolai Patrushev”, the national security advisor of Russia, emphasized that due to the food crisis in the world, hunger will soon spread in Afghanistan and will reach a catastrophic point.

Referring to the food crisis in the world, the Russian National Security Adviser stated that the West refuses to provide humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.

“TASS” news agency reported that these comments of the Russian national security adviser were expressed in the latest meeting of the “Shanghai Organization” National Security Council of the member countries, but recently published in media.

Patrushev also stated that the Afghan people had no role in the September 11 attacks, and said that instead of releasing Afghanistan’s assets and using them to deal with humanitarian needs, the United States seized these assets.

He stated that taking into account the growing crisis in the global food market, including due to the unprecedented Western sanctions against Russia, the percentage of the hungry population in Afghanistan may soon reach “a catastrophic point”.

The Russian national security advisor emphasized that the United States and UK have created obstacles to restore the normal functions of Afghan banks with the international banking system.

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