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US military presence extension deteriorates situation in Afghanistan: Russia

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KABUL: Russia has warned of a deteriorated situation in Afghanistan if the U.S. troops remained beyond May 1, a deadline for the American soldiers withdrawal agreed on a peace deal signed between the U.S. and Taliban in February 2020.

The Russian Special Envoy for Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov cited the remarks in reaction to the U.S. President Joe Biden who said that it would be difficult to meet the U.S. forces withdrawal deadline by May 1st.

“There is nothing good in regards. Everything depends on Taliban’s reactions, which will more likely be negative,” he added. “But it doesn’t mean the American should seek a solution and compromise with the Taliban to understand the decision.”

The withdrawal of American soldiers would not free the U.S. from Afghanistan’s issue, Kabulov said, adding that “it will remain involved politically, militarily and other issues. A limited part of the forces will remain in bases.”

Under the February deal, the U.S. is asked to withdraw all troops by May 1 and the Taliban guaranteed to cut ties with other terrorist groups in the region, stop attacking the foreign troops and engage in negotiations with the government.

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