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US operation sparks protest in Parwan: CEO reacts angrily, asks NATO for explanation

AT-KABUL: Hundreds of people protested on Monday against the US forces operation in Parwan province, which resulted in a huge blast in an ammunition cache, leaving the residents in panic.

Provincial police chief, Gen. Zaman Mamozai, said the American troops raided a house of former jihadi commander, Ahmad Jan, in Bayan village of Charikar.

The US troops discovered and blew an ammunition cache in Jan’s house which rocked the area. However, no casualty was reported.

A short gunfire exchange between American soldiers and supporters of the jihadi leader was also reported.

Hundreds of supporters of Ahmad Jan took to the road and blocked the Balkh-Kabul Highway for several hours. Vehicles outnumbering the protestors were waiting in queues to resume the journey towards their destinations.

They chanted slogans in favor of their demands and against the US. The protesters shouting “down with the US” and “death to the foreign troops” urged the National Unity Government to take notice of the issue and tell that why the foreign troops were still carrying the night raids despite ban.

The US forces confirmed the operation on June 29, saying that they had destroyed a cache of ammunition that could have been used against the foreign and Afghan troops.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah said today that no one would be allowed to conspire against the Mujahideen. He also asked for explanation from NATO Resolute Support officials in order to ensure that it was not a plot against the jihadi leader.

At a time when the Islamic State had made inroads in the country, such operations of the foreign troops in Afghanistan could turn many against the government, the CEO said.

Zakia Sangeen, member of the Wolesi Jirga (WJ) from Parwan province, said that the US forces stationed in the Bagram had bombarded the house of an influential individual last night.

She said that Ahmad Jan played key role in the fight against the Taliban and other militant groups.

The legislator said that the US troops were carrying out such raids deliberately in order to create insecurity in her province. Ms Sangeen said that house to house search was continued uninterrupted in the province which might turn Parwan into an insecure province.

“I have voiced concerns over the night raids by the foreign troops, times and again, but fallen on the deaf ears,” she lamented.

The National Security Council and the parliament had to take action in this regard in order to prevent such kind of actions, she said.

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