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US reiterates continued military assistance

Terror sanctuaries in Afghanistan’s neighborhood posing threat: Gen. Joseph

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: In a meeting with the chief executive, Commander of US CENTCOM, Joseph L. Votel, reiterated continued military assistance to Afghanistan.

The top US military general called on Abdullah Abdullah the other day, and discussed security situation of the country as well as bilateral ties between Kabul and Washington.

Abdullah requested the US general to continue military assistance in 2017.

The chief executive discussed the procedure of reforms in Afghan National Army and urged the United States to provide military assistance to Afghan security forces till the reforms process complete.

He said the Afghan Air Force is getting stronger day by day. Effective air strikes against terrorists are being conducted in every insecure part of the country.

Gen. Joseph assured the chief executive that “military assistance would provide to Afghan army in 2017”.

The US general said that safe havens of terrorists must be destroyed in the neighboring countries which are a constant threat to peace and security of Afghanistan.

Prior to the insistence of the US CENTCOM chief to eliminate sanctuaries of terrorists in Afghanistan’s neighborhood, the new pick for the US Department of Defense, James Mattis, aka the “mad dog Mattis”, said that safe havens and breeding nurseries of terrorists in the neighboring Pakistan is the problem to be focused.

He emphasized that the regional countries must have to support Afghan reconciliation process by taking result-oriented steps against terrorists, roaming freely in their countries.

At the time there are about 9,800 US troops in Afghanistan. It was supposed that process of withdrawal of US forces would be completed by the end of Obama administration.

The stance of president-elect Donald Trump was not much clear regarding Afghanistan during his election campaign. By taking his office, Donald Trump has to decide about the assistance to Afghan army and withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

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