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On 11 June 2020, as part of Allied responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, Turkey delivered around 75,000 protective masks and dozens of sets of medical equipment, including observation monitors, ventilators, oxygen regulators and concentrators, laryngoscopes, aspirators and aspirator kits, defibrillators, PCR machines, nebulizers and diagnostic test kits to the Afghan health authorities.

US restricts flights in Afghanistan

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KABUL: The United States has announced to have enforced fresh flight restrictions over Afghanistan for the fear of “terrorist attacks” on its airplanes.

The Federal Aviation Administration, the US transportation agency, announced Tuesday that the new restrictions have been issued as security situation in Afghanistan are changing, so they imposed these restrictions on the US airlines and other American operators that fly over Afghanistan.

According to the restrictions, flights operating below 7,900 meters (26,000 feet) are banned over the country unless it operates at the Kabul International Airport.

The restrictions do not include US air force in Afghanistan.

The aim of restrictions has been called extremist and militia activities in Afghanistan.

The Federal Aviation Administration announced it will exclude the US air force stationed in Afghanistan.

The United States confirmed last week its air force pounded Taliban positions in Kandahar and some other provinces, an attack violating a peace deal signed with the insurgent group in 2020, according to Taliban officials who vowed to retaliate.

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